SIX and the City – but no satire please, we’re changing the world (?!)

Ill be in Singapore for much of September and October, and participating in 5 events relating to the general theme of social innovation and sustainable enterprise.

Ill be at the “SIX and the City” Social Innovation Summer School from 15th to 17th September, mixing with tomorrows leaders at “Forward Thinking Thursday” on 16th September, then speaking about the future of responsible business at CSR Singapore on 21st September, attending Qi Global on 9th October and then keynoting at the Wellness Summit on 14th October.

Yep that was ‘SIX’ in the City, not a typo. I discovered the TV series “Sex and the City” was banned in Singapore! Which highlights something of the evolution the city state is going through. It’s becoming a hub for sharing ideas about business and sustainable development, and is a great place to visit. But a free flow of ideas is important if we are to develop insights for addressing global challenges.. so there is some opening up to come. Satire is an important way of cutting through our assumptions, so its a pity that also banned is one of my all time favourite films – Life of Brian. Hey, even Aberystwyth lifted its thirty-year old ban of the film last year…. so come on Singapore… let’s embrace satire and a bit of craziness in the name of social innovation 🙂

If you want to attend any of the events, just click on the links, and I’ll see you there. There will be more than the odd splitter….

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