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University Courses on Deep Adaptation with Prof Jem Bendell

Posted by jembendell on March 10, 2019

The University of Cumbria in the UK is offering three courses related to Deep Adaptation, led by Professor Jem Bendell. They are each at Masters level, and can be taken either as credit-awarding or not, depending on whether you want to work towards a qualification. One of the courses is online and the other two involve 4 days in residence in the stunning Lake District national park.untitled

“Facing up to climate reality is difficult. Leading others and organisations on this agenda is even more so. With these courses we teach leadership within the context of our need to deeply adapt to a disturbing future.” Prof Jem Bendell. 

If you are interested, then you can join an online presentation and Q&A, where both Prof Bendell and his past students will explain the philosophy and content of the courses. These include:

Foundations of Sustainable Leadership. In residence in Lake District, UK. 18-20 July 2019. This course provides a maximum of 24 executive-level participants with a deep dive into critical perspectives on leadership and communications before exploring what these new insights and skills mean for an era of deep adaptation. Non-credit awarding option here (600 GBP). Credit awarding option here (850GBP).

Independent Study on Sustainable Leadership for Deep Adaptation. Online. September 2019 – January 2020. This online course with Prof Bendell guides participants in taking action in their workplace or community to further deep adaptation. Every two weeks participants attend an online webinar, and support and learn from each other as they seek to create change. Maximum of 48 participants. Non credit-awarding option is 400GBP and credit-awarding option is 850GBP. A few concessions will be made available. Further online information to come in summer 2019.

Sustainable Leadership for Deep Adaptation. In residence in Lake District, UK. 7-10 January 2020. This course provides a maximum of 24 executive-level participants with an exploration of leadership and communications for the deep adaptation of individuals, organisations and societies. Non credit-awarding option is 600GBP and credit-awarding option is 850GBP. A few concessions will be made available. Please note that participants may not attend both this course and the Foundations of Sustainable Leadership. Further online information to come in summer 2019.

If enrolling in the University beforehand, these courses can be taken as part of the Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership. The entry requirements include an undergraduate degree and some relevant professional experience.

Up to 100 people can attend the online Q&A about these courses with Prof Bendell on May 1st. The link to the zoom meeting will be sent to those who register here.

It is possible to enrol with the July 2019 course prior to that Q&A i.e. immediately. Note that there are only 24 places so it may be over-subscribed by May 1st (non credit-awarding option here and credit-awarding option here).

4 Responses to “University Courses on Deep Adaptation with Prof Jem Bendell”

  1. David said

    Hi Jem!

    I’m a childcare worker (already on the professional networking platform) who is looking to enrol for the online course. Is this possible?


  2. Ruth Tudor said

    I would like to sign up for the non credit option with the possibility of changing to the credit option between now and July. Is that OK?

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