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Deep Adaptation Q&As hosted by Jem Bendell

Posted by matslats on April 16, 2019

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Hundreds of professionals are gathering on the Deep Adapation Forum to find each other and collaborate. A new monthly online Q&A series gives you an opportunity to put a question to a leading thinker on personal and collective responses to anticipated collapse due to climate chaos. Each session will be hosted by Professor Jem Bendell.

This year we’ll be talking to:

Carolyn Baker (May)
Watch here

Carolyn offers life and leadership coaching as well as spiritual counseling for people who want to live more resiliently in the present as they prepare for the future. Carolyn works closely with Andrew Harvey and other spiritual luminaries to live and promote Sacred Activism—the marriage of effecting change in the world with consciousness transformation. Carolyn is the author of many books on collapse.

Joanna Macy (June)
Watch here

A scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory, and deep ecology. A hugely respected voice in the movements for peace, justice, and ecology, she interweaves her scholarship with five decades of activism.Her work helps people transform despair and apathy, in the face of overwhelming social and ecological crises, into constructive, collaborative action. It brings a new way of seeing the world, as our larger living body, freeing us from the assumptions and attitudes that now threaten the continuity of life on Earth.

Gail Bradbrook (July)
Watch here

Gail has been researching, planning and training for mass civil disobedience since 2010 and is a co-founder of the social movement Extinction Rebellion (XR) which rapidly spread internationally since its launch in October 2018.

Deb Ozarko (August)
Watch here

Deb is the creator and former host of the Unplug podcast and the author of “Beyond Hope: Letting Go of a World in Collapse.”

Adrian Tait
Watch here

Adrian is a co-founder of the Climate Psychology Alliance. He is retired after 25 years as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with extensive experience in teaching and supervision in the NHS and privately.

Katherine Wilkinson
October 10th from 5:00pm UK time

Katharine speaks about climate action and gender equity. She was Senior Writer for the New York Times bestseller Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming (Penguin, 2017). The book details the 100 most substantive climate solutions and articulates a bold vision of a future without global warming.

Vanessa Andreotti
November 4th from 5:00pm UK time

Vanessa has extensive experience working across sectors internationally in areas of education related to global justice, community engagement, indigenous knowledge systems and internationalization. Her research focuses on analyses of historical and systemic patterns of reproduction of knowledge and inequalities and how these mobilize global imaginaries that limit or enable different possibilities for (co)existence and global change.

Charles Eisenstein
December 14th from 4:00pm UK time

Charles is the author of “Climate, a New Story” and other books, and it widely considered one of the world’s leading contemporary environmental philosophers.

To attend the webinars, you’ll need to join the forum!

6 Responses to “Deep Adaptation Q&As hosted by Jem Bendell”

  1. Michael G said

    Is there a forum for non-professionals?

    On Tue, Apr 16, 2019, 4:10 PM Professor Jem Bendell wrote:

    > matslats posted: ” Hundreds of professionals are gathering on the Deep > Adapation Forum to find each other and collaborate. A new monthly online > Q&A series gives you an opportunity to put a question to a leading thinker > on personal and collective responses to anticipat” >

  2. Ray Taylor said



    Jem can we agree an abbreviation for Deep Adaptation people?
    ” De-Ad ” … or … ” DeAd ” …. I quite like …. as we all will be in the end! But it doesn’t sound when said out loud.

    The Effective Altrusists call themselves ” EAs ” so perhaps Deep Adapters could be ….. ” DAs ” ?
    (which does work well when you say it out aloud).

    I could live with being a DeAd, though.

    One other idea…. turn it around to “People Adapting Deeply” or “people who Adapt Deeply”

    Then we could be ” PADs ” ……. or ” ADs ” …….or (hardest if tipsy…) ……… ” ADDLY’s ”

    But DAs is logical and short and would immediately save us a lot of typing, and ” EAs and DAs ” rolls off the tongue well.

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