Thoughts On Pandemic Response

Since April 2020 most media corporations have encouraged hostility towards open scientific dialogue and normal policy scrutiny. That has been accentuated by the way domestic partisan politics in North America has influenced media content globally and provoked censorship from Big Technology platforms. The sad result is that misinformed and emotionally activated people share misinformed and outrage-inviting commentary on the analysis of people who are demanding more open scientific dialogue and normal policy scrutiny. That creates a barrier to people discovering what is actually being said by people like me. Therefore I am listing my key writings on Covid in one place so it is easy to access them.  

It’s time for more of a citizen’s response to the pandemic – for a real #PlanB – where I explain how a different agenda to the current orthodoxy could be pursued that allies with our fellow citizens to remove barriers to us all making responsible decisions and how the Left has failed to articulate this agenda due to having lost close connection with the low paid workforce. 

The Climate for Corona – our warming world is more vulnerable to pandemic – where I discuss how environmental degradation makes zoonotic disease more likely. 

COVID and Climate Change – why XR must visit the WHO – where I discuss that even if the virus came from an experiment then the people who fund such dangerous experiments have tried to justify themselves due to anticipating an era of pandemics due to environmental change. 

Has asymptomatic transmission been key to this pandemic and if not, so what? – where I summarise the scientific evidence for asymptomatic transmission to be insignificant to the pandemic (as WHO initially said) and therefore the basis for the orthodox policy agenda is flawed.

Lies Damn Lies and Hospitalisation Statistics – where I explain that medical corporations have been too involved in shaping our understanding of possible responses to the pandemic and that even concludes developing misleading statistical methods on vaccine effectiveness. 

Decolonize the World Health Organisation – where I discuss how the WHO has enabled a narrow pharmaceutical agenda to dominate the understanding of how to respond to the pandemic with severe collateral damage to the poor and vulnerable people of the world. It systematically ignores evidence of benefits of non-Pharmaceutical supplements particular outside the West. 

Benefits of Evading Western Panic – where I present a talk to an exhibition in Ghana and describe how people need to learn from the experience of Africa with Covid but don’t because of racist self-obsession of the powerful institutions in the West. 

Uniting in Love and Rage against Corporate Power – where I explain that the corporate media demonise activists in ways that limit solidarity across different topics in the struggle against the abuse of corporate power so we need to come together rather than accept the negative stories about other kinds of activists.

Medical Aggression – where I describe the growth of othering and animosity from government, media and individuals on the basis of personal views and choices on Covid policies. 

What if this is it? Responding consciously to societal disruption – where I explain that the loss of human rights and the rise of authoritarianism are forms of societal disruption and therefore something for us to resist as we seek to reduce harm from societal breakdown (aka Deep Adaptation). 

Finding my voice through a fever – where I explain that getting Covid myself made me stop work, rethink my priorities and start writing, performing and recording music for the first time in my life.