New Consulting Site

I am delighted to announce the launch of the new Lifeworth Consulting website. It maps out what is key about what we do, and allows us to share some of the outputs of our work, such as our publications. There are three ways to navigate the site. First, you can select from the main menu. From here you can see an outline of “what” we do, including the services of strategy, creativity, communications, liaison and education:. In addition is takes you to information on the work programmes we have, including Authentic Luxury, Enterprise Trends and Engaging Change. Clicking on “with” will show you who we have been working with. If you want to see the 18 of us who are associated with Lifeworth Consulting, click on “who”. If you want to know the approach we take and the principles underlying our work, click on “how”. If you click on “Insight” you can access our latest “publications”, read our latest “news and views” or even watch us in “videos”.

Another way to navigate the site is to click on the tags in the *Jump To* box on the right hand column. The tags in this box will keep changing as the content evolves over time. A third way to delve into what we do is to click on news items, such as those in the *Where We Are* box, and then from there you can click on the category of the news item, to view related content.

We hope this will provide a way for you to get the information you need. If you like what we do, then click “connect” in the main menu to find out how to engage us, or sign up to our quarterly updates.

The site is driven by wordpress software. It again demonstrates the potential of open source software, after our new responsible enterprise careers portal, which is based on Drupal software. In the digital age, owning code is like owning the rights to using a pen and paper. I think it is in keeping with our transformative approach that we are now part of this open source movement.

Thanks to Sam Baja for working on the site for us, and thank you for visiting.

Dr. Jem Bendell
Founder/Director of Lifeworth and Lifeworth Consulting

Thousands of Jobs Hunted Down for You

There are over 2000 jobs currently on Lifeworth’s job site. After 8 years providing information on jobs and events in the field of responsible enterprise, our website has evolved. Now we automatically pull together relevant jobs and events from dozens of websites. We can even send you a weekly email with only those jobs and events that match your interests. But that’s only if you log into and specify your interests in your “employment profile”. If not, then you will receive an email from us once a month, which is what you originally signed up for.

You can, at any time, visit the site, and browse or search the jobs and events. You can also upload your own, for free! If you want your Resume/CV to do the job hunting for you, then sign in and upload it on your employment profile, and employers and recruiters may contact you directly.

All subscribers to our old system have received an email with new login details. Apologies if it was a bit brief. If you can not locate that email, then go to the following page, and enter the email you originally subscribed with and you will generate a new password:

Or, you can always create a new account at

The new terms and conditions for the service are listed on the site.

We hope you find it this a useful service, helping you keep abreast of jobs and events in your field, without having to do the searching yourself!