The happiness epidemic

My colleague at Lifeworth Consulting, Janna Greve, sent me this on an email. Couldn’t find it on the web, and I like it, so am posting here.

Beware; Epidemic of happiness

A worldwide epidemic is spreading at astonishing speed. The WOW: the world organisation of well-being forecasts that billions of people will be infected within the next 10 years.

Here are the symptoms of this disease:

1) A tendency to follow ones own intuition rather than act under the pressure of fears, standart opinions and conditioning from the past.

2) Total disregard for such behaviours as passing judgements on others, on oneself, and being interested in whatever entails conflicts.

3) Total loss of the ability to worry (this represents one of the most serious symptom).

4) Constant pleasure in delighting in things and beings as they are, thus leading to our completely giving up the desire to change others.

5) Intense desire to transfrom oneself to positively handle ones thoughts, emotions, physical body, material life and enviroment, so as to constantly develop ones health, creativity and love potentials.

6) Repeated bouts of smiling, a smile which means thank you and gives a feeling of unity and harmony with all lives.

7) Constant opening to ones inner child, simplicity, laughter and joyfulness.

8) More and more frequent moments of conscious communication with ones non-dual soul… Being, which fosters a very pleasant feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

9) Taking pleasure as behaving as a healer who brings joy and light rather than as a critical and indifferent person.

10) The ability to live alone, with a partner, as a family or in society with a sense of flowing harmony and an equal footing, without acting as a victim, a tormentor or a saviour.

11) Feeling responsible and happy to offer the worlds ones dreams for a plentiful, harmonious and peaceful future.

12) Total acceptance of ones presence on earth and will to choose at every moment beauty, goodness, truth and life.

If you want to go on living in fear, dependency, conflicts, illness and conformism, avoid all contact with persons presenting these symptoms.

This disease is extremely catchy.

If you already show symptoms, you must know your condition is unrecoverable.

Medical treatment may momentarily cause some symptoms to disappear, but cant stop the inevitable progression of the harm.

No anti happiness vaccine exists.

Since this epidemic of happiness induces in people the loss of the fear of dying, which is one of the central pillars of modern materialistic societys beliefs, social unrest may break out, such as strikes of the desire to strife and being always right, rallies of joyful people to sing, dance and celebrate life, circles of sharing and healing, bouts of laughter and sessions of collectively letting off steam and unwinding emotions.

Each time we think we have achieved something, on the spiritual level, life quickly reveals there is still quite a lot of work to do… thank you

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