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A course in sustainable luxury

Posted by jembendell on March 10, 2011

The evolution of sustainable luxury, as an idea and a practice, continues, as Ive just finished teaching the first 2 days of the “sustainable luxury and design” MBA module at IE Business School in Madrid.

It was a diverse class from all corners of the world.. and of course a fun place to teach it.

Thanks to Nicky Black (Corporate Citizenship Manager of De Beers), for sharing insight into her work at a busy time of year (she is working on their next report to society, and got some feedback from the students on that).

I dressed up for the occasion…

Sean Ansett, the Corporate Responsibility Director of Burberry, also travelled to Madrid to discuss what his team of 17 are doing on these issues. It was fun to see how Sean has developed his long experience in CSR to relate it to the needs of a premium brand.

Here he is in motion in class…

These sessions were somewhat introductory, and in the next sessions in April I’ll be able to work with the students more…

More info what next is on The Authentic Luxury Network.

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