Versions of the Deep Adaptation paper

Read the paper itself (2020 revision)
Listen (via SoundCloud)
Apple Book (epub 2018)
Kindle (mobi 2018)

Completed translations

Chinese PDF (2020 ed) with the help of Shu Liang

Czech PDF (2020 ed.) by Nick Zeller
German PDF (2018 ed.) by Carsten Zwolferschritte
French PDF (2018 ed.) by Marc Boyer, with the help of Sophie Leader & Julien Lecaille
Greek PDF (2018 ed.) by Tryfon Farmakakis
Hungarian PDF (2018 ed.)by Emese Orosz et al with Kata Visy
Italian PDF (2020 ed.) by Emanuele Coluccia and Pierfilippo Pierucci. Revision by Marta Dorigo Salamon.
Lithuanian web page by Simona Vaitkute
Polish PDF (2018 ed.) by Arkadiusz Wierzba
Portuguese PDF (2018 ed.)
Russian PDF (2020 ed.) by Arseny Konnov and Dimitry Khalyullin. Editors: Diana Shalyapina and Igor Polsky
Spanish PDF (2020 ed.) by Eva Calleja, Fernando García Ferreiro, Julio James, Rebeca Robles, César García Valderrama.
Thai PDF (2018 ed.) by Wanchat Theeranaew

Ongoing translations

Translations of the DA Paper are alleged to be in process for the following languages:

  • Africaans
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Serbian
  • Swedish
  • Urdu
  • Polish

To check on the state of advancement of these translations, or to collaborate with other translators, please see here.

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