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Notes from a strategist & educator on social & organisational change, now focused on #DeepAdaptation

Audio-visual resources

Posted by matslats on May 19, 2019


The original Deep Adaptation paper,
– read by matslats
– read by Michael Dowd
Other Michael Dowd readings of Deep Adaptation texts


BBC radio 4, Costing the Earth: Eco-anxiety
Conversations to reshape our world: Deep Adaptation, Leaning into Liberation & Climate Change with Toni Spencer
Radio 5 Live interview: Alex Lockwood & Naresh Giangrande (only 6 mins)
Future is Beautiful: Acceptance and evolution in the face of global meltdown
Poetics of our predicament: What does it mean to engage in Deep Adaptation?
This is Hell: April 19th
Emerge podcast: The Meaning and Joy of Inevitable Social Collapse.

Deep Adaptation forum Q & A

Jem Bendell
Carolyn Baker


Deep Adaptation evening in Bristol, UK with Toni Spencer
Come clean or step down, Speech at Preston New Road anti-fracking protest. (Facebook members only)
Mother earth says #metoo, launch of Extinction Rebellion
Jem at the UN


Grieve Play Love
Scientists Warning montage
Sand Castle (ecological breakdown through the eyes of a 13 year old)
Environmental coffee house: Intro to the Positive Deep Adaptation Facebook group

More on Jem’s YouTube channel.

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