My Micro-blogging:

Been tweeting about work, since starting this in January. If the stuff below is of interest, follow me at

Just added event on the Authentic Luxury Network; speaking in Geneva on June 3rd at Hotel Bristol, from 12.

Academics back carbon tax not cap & trade scam Implications for CSR & ESG climate 1:55 AM May 11th via web

Checking out “Paris Drinks of the “Authentic Luxury Network”” on authentic luxury network: 9:22 AM May 4th via a Ning Network

Bee colonies collapse. We’re part of nature; & the least wise of species 2 forget it & 5:01 AM May 2nd via web

Paris 7th to 9th then Geneva 9th to 12th – drinks on 7th in Paris, then on to UN event on financial crisis in GVA 11:38 AM May 1st via web

finally UK politician speaks of systemic changes; not deep enough but at least some straight talking sri csr 8:57 AM Apr 20th via web

What is a University to do when staff are caught at plagiarism? PR crisis to opportunity? csr businessethics 12:23 PM Apr 12th via web

just worked out ive produced 111 publications (not including blogs n tweets). will upload on at some point in 2010 4:29 PM Apr 8th via web

after some stressful deadlines, remembering what’s really important 10:49 AM Apr 7th via web

entrevista en el lujo sostenibles csr sustainability luxury lujo 10:25 AM Mar 26th via web

talks on sustainable luxury in Madrid on Mar 24 @ ISEM Fashion BusinessSchool csr 8:09 AM Mar 18th via web

‘Going Green: The Future of Luxury’ broadcasts on CNBC Europe 12th Mar 23.00(CET), 13th&14th @ 20.30(CET) also at 8:10 AM Mar 12th via web

Pakistan fund to sign UNPRI making it 1st asset owner in SouthAsia. Will India catch up? csr sri finance 1:15 PM Mar 11th via web

The FT reports on a growing shift to responsible & sustainable luxury & my little role in that. fashion csr

Beware the new irresponsible biz lobbying in green mask

In rare interview #UNPRI boss talks2me about #SRI #ESG #sustainablefinance #CSR #GFC & work of #UN with investors

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