Two Universities Launch Courses in Alternative Currencies

Yesterday the University of Nicosia in Cyprus announced it will launch the world’s first Masters in Digital Currency. That comes hot on the heels of the world’s first Certificate of Achievement in Sustainable Exchange, which the University of Cumbria is currently taking applications for 2014. The Certificate of Achievement focuses on community currency and cryptographic currency, as well as their relationship to the emerging ‘sharing economy.’ It is run by the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) and is based on the international short courses run twice during 2013.

Nicosia announced they will accept Bitcoin for all their courses, and IFLAS is setting up the facility to receive Bitcoin payments for the Certificate of Achievement. It is also requesting Bitcoin donations to fund Bitcoin scholarships for students to attend.

The Certificate of Achievement is one module within the new PostGraduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership.

Contact me for further information on the IFLAS course or to fund scholarships: drjbendell @ gmail. com

My TEDx helps explain the reasons why alternative currencies are becoming popular.

2 thoughts on “Two Universities Launch Courses in Alternative Currencies”

  1. Jct: And someday, these courses may discover the Millennium Declaration C6 for a UNILETS interest-free time-based alternative currency to restructure the global financial architecture. Studying all the local models, how long before the notice the global model?

    1. That sounds a bit miffed. I read about that some years ago. I also helped get it mentioned again in subsequent docs about Post 2015 Millenium Development goals. The question is: does it really matter what gets mentioned deep in a text of a organisation with no implementation power? Facebook didnt ask for a UN document before it got started changing the world.

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