Total Woman

I read that authorities in the canton of Glarus, here in Switzerland, where the woman known as ‘Europe’s Last Witch’ Anna Goldi was beheaded back in 1782, rejected a motion to clear the woman’s name but has instead ordered an official study into the life of Ms Goldi, to determine, scientifically, if she was indeed innocent. Anna Goldi worked as a maidservant for a doctor in Glarus, who told authorities that she repeatedly put needles in the milk of one of his daughters, apparently by supernatural means. She was arrested and admitted, under torture, that she was in pact with the devil.

News which has prompted me to share one of my latest attempts at poetry, written during August while I was in Ticino, the Italian bit of Switzerland. Because I think we still suffer the effects of the witch hunts. Perhaps it’s a bit more pretentious than my last attempts (which u can see by clicked on the tab ‘poetry’), and any comments however bad are welcome.

“Total Woman”

A glimpse of the past
that’s hidden by flames
so hateful to our nature
how they smoulder still
in the hearts of those
who see right to smother
the true might
of a total
total woman.

as if God was male
as if Life was stale
as if beauty was pale
as if unity fails
what mortal ‘moral’ madness

but now
she glimpses the path
that kindles my flames
so grateful to her nature
what a bolder thrill
from a heart that glows
to give one another
the true might
of a hopeful
global woman.

Jem Bendell, August 13th, 2007, Ticino, Switzerland.

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