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TEDx talk on the need to re-design money to solve both financial crisis and environmental crisis

Posted by jembendell on October 19, 2011

Why is the whole world in debt? How can we end these crises? Here is a TEDx talk on the hidden cause of the financial crisis. The real crisis is in our monetary system – the way our money is created. The solution is to redesign the way money is created. This is the underlying reform required to end the financial, environmental and social crises afflicting our societies. In this TEDx talk, Professor Jem Bendell calls on assembled broadcasters from across Europe, to expose the true nature of our current crises, and how to solve them.

Also see a transcript of the speech, delivered September 30th 2011 in Rome, at TEDxTransmedia.

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3 Responses to “TEDx talk on the need to re-design money to solve both financial crisis and environmental crisis”

  1. elektrarny domaci vetrne…

    […]TEDx talk on the need to re-design money to solve both financial crisis and environmental crisis « Jem Bendell’s Journal[…]…

  2. Dev said

    Now I know what exactly is money!

  3. gainsmore said

    In the current system: Money is debt. It’s amazing that intelligent people cant get this or see this. Rather it’s really a form of mass hypnosis. Money use to be linked to gold/silver and those who where holding your metals wold issue receipt of deposit.This was the beginning of paper money. There are earlier examples of paper money but the point is that once these deposit receipts where circulating in the community the issuers began to expand the amount of receipts without the metal to back it up. In early Greece and others countries people would shave coins and then re-melt the shavings into new coins Newer designs where issued to prevent this from happening and would expose the fact that the coin was tampered with.

    The point in all of this to be brief is that what we are all doing is fighting over natural resource and their access.And when I say “we” I mean the mass of people who against their direct awareness, are being pitted against one another for the benefit of a small group of insane people. And the system that is still in place makes sure that the fighting continues and that it prevents or restricts access to these resources that the population needs for survival. For without this system in place- those in control soon are not.
    This system is coming to a end…. and if not we will come to our collective end.

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