Have You Stopped Pussyfooting Around the Planet?

Radical problems call for radical solutions. Incrementalism is no longer pragmatic, moral or even professional.

So I’m looking for associations with academic and other institutions where I may be a less-tempered radical. I want to work with people asking core questions including:

    – How does large-scale change occur?
    – How can we create economies and organisations that support our self-mastery and self-transcendence?
    – How can sustainable currencies be scaled?
    – How can we bring these questions into the minds and projects of those who care for the well-being of people and planet (or who are employed to administer resources allocated for such caring, whether by government, charity or business)?
    – How can we learn about these questions through reflective action, and in a way where we are not insidiously guided by self-interest or institutional demands?

If you know where I can do that, it would be great to hear from you.

If not, but you are exploring the same kind of questions, or applying solutions in the same spirit, Id be happy to hear from you IF you have a specific proposal to discuss.

4 thoughts on “Have You Stopped Pussyfooting Around the Planet?”

  1. In Holland we develop a pragmatic solution to break a few barriers in the use complementary currencies. Instead of focussing on the side-effects of the use of interest, and work out some sort of work around, like most of Lietaer’s examples, we invited a new type of money that can be implemented on a microscopic scale, but has no principle limitations to grow full scale. We also considered the most important problems in scaling money-systems and concluded the most durable solution is to prevent over-scaling in the first place by providing an infrastructure where it is not a problem at all to use lots of small currencies and encourage companies to do so in a fair competitive market for media of exchange. True competition rules out the unescapable corruption of power because the optimal scale for a money network will prove to be not so big. This of source is based on a transition. This system is designed to be part of this transition, starting right now.
    We take most the questions you mention very serious and would like to reflect on that.

  2. Jem, I am so jazzed by your radical self expression — at TedX and here. Like a kick in the butt for me. Would love to play with you in this arena. Am also seeking same-spirited, empowered partners — for cross-sector collaborations that redirect corporate management skills and resources into social well-being programs. Have a success model. You interested? Elsie

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