Discuss #DeepAdaptation with experts in 2021

My Deep Adaptation Q&As are back for 2021. In these discussions, a guest shares their own perspective on what matters to them as we consider, or respond to, societal disruption and collapse.  The Deep Adaptation framework is for dialogue, without one right way of responding to our environmental predicament, or one source of knowledge on that. Therefore, I host these Q&As to broaden the discussion – and discussants – on the matter of societal disruption. All previous Q&As are available, with guests including Vanessa Andreotti, Skeena Rathor, Joanna Macy and Charles Eisenstein.

These new Q&As are organised independently of the Deep Adaptation Forum, which offers a wide variety of events. If you would like to attend any of my Q&As, in order to ask questions, then you will receive information on how to join if you are a subscriber to the deep adaptation newsletter.

In June, Asiya Odugleh-Kolev and I will be talking about the need for paradigm shift towards greater cooperation to support community-based means of enabling both physical and mental health as medical systems are overstretched or, in some cases, disrupted. We will hear how this agenda is being explored and developed within the World Health Organisation itself. Asiya is the Technical Officer for Community and Social Interventions, at the WHO, and is on the Holding Group of the Deep Adaptation Forum. See the video of the Q&A.

In July, Dr Nadine Andrews and I will be talking about psychological aspects of anticipating disruption and collapse as well as the role of collective trauma in shaping our reactions and the implications for how we help each-other. In addition to ways of healing inherited trauma, we will discuss the benefit of Taoist physical arts practices for energetic sensitivity of – and between – self and others. Nadine is the research lead for Scotland’s Climate Assembly and co-chair of the Climate Psychology Alliance Scotland. See the video of the Q&A.

In August, Shu Liang and I will be talking about how to make adaptation to climate change a topic of creative engagement by people in organisations, whether business, government or civil society. As the founder of the not-for-profit Day of Adaptation, Shu works with organisations to stimulate creative responses to climate disruptions and risks, and is on the Holding Group of the Deep Adaptation Forum. See the video of the Q&A.

In September, Dr Malika Virah-Sawmy and I will be talking about her journey moving between on mainstream climate adaptation on the one hand, and her facilitation work to help practitioners and policy making make decisions not only from an automatic or deliberative place of  cognition but also from a place of meta awareness, that can hold climate anxiety and uncertainty on the other. Malika is an expert in sustainable development and climate adaptation, now working as a facilitator and an academic after decades with environmental groups in Africa, and is on the Holding Group of the Deep Adaptation Forum. See the video of the Q&A.

In October, Dr Anjhula Mya Singh Bais and I will be talking about her personal perspective on climate change, both mitigation and adaptation, from a rights-based, spiritual and psychological perspective. Anjhula is a psychology trauma specialist and a Director on the International Board of Amnesty International. See the video of the Q&A.

Postponed until February 2022, Dr Aidy Halimanjaya and I will be talking about the role of finance in helping or hindering adaptation to climate change, with a focus on international and national initiatives. We will discuss how that compares to the needs for adaptation already acknowledged in mainstream science and policy, as well as implications of worse scenarios – and we will have a particular focus on Asia. Aidy is a Director of the Dala Institute, working as an economist on climate finance, including adaptation, for international organisations such as the World Bank. Details to follow (join the DA Quarterly using the subscribe link on the left, to receive information).

Due to my profile on the topic of climate-influenced societal disruption and collapse, I am often asked to speak. Some videos of my recent talks are available here. However, as I wish to broaden the conversation, if you want to source a speaker, please contact the DA Forum for other options. For good or ill, some people may wish to focus on the ideas or character of one person, which distracts from the fact that the field of collapse anticipation is now vast, as reflected by how over 500 scientists and scholars from over 30 countries signed a public letter asking for more sober dialogue on the matter. We all need to explore what this means for our own work and lives, to avoid becoming stuck in blame or competition, and I hope these Q&As will help widen that conversation further still.

I look forward to seeing you online. Jem

(Dr. Jem Bendell, Professor of Sustainability Leadership, University of Cumbria).

Asiya Odugleh-Kolev, Technical Officer, World Health Organisation

Dr Nadine Andrews, Scottish Climate Assembly.

Dr Aidy Halimanjaya, Director, Dala Institute

Dr Anjhula Mya Singh Bais, International Board of Amnesty International

Dr Malika Virah-Sawmy, Sustainable Development expert

Shu Liang MSc, Founder, Day of Adaptation and Holding Group, Deep Adaptation Forum