A Positive Song in a World Gone Silly

During the pandemic many people appear to have had their capabilities for logic and ethics vaporised in the heat of fear and the distortions of reality from elite interests.  Consequently, from a serious public health perspective, the conversations about the pandemic are mostly silly. That does not mean there are really serious and damaging outcomes for individuals and societies. Millions of lives were lost and many might have been saved with smarter actions and more free flowing information. Now millions more lives are being risked due to the impacts of policies on supply chains and the cascading impacts on the poor worldwide. But given how much misinformed piety and pseudo professionalism is on show, it can be helpful at times to simply laugh at the orthodoxy on the pandemic. Here are some examples. 

Medical officials ignoring early outpatient treatment from their frontline colleagues? Arrogantly silly. 

Bigtech firms suppressing such information that might save lives? Ruthlessly silly. 

The mass media’s demonisation of scientific dialogue, policy scrutiny and peaceful protest? Hegemonically silly. 

People respecting ‘fact checker’ websites that are funded by big business and always debunk strawman versions of claims? Orwellianly silly. 

The obsessive reliance on jabs that we now know don’t stop the spread and also stop protecting vaccinees from illness after a few months? Passively silly. 

People getting booster jabs despite the top medical agencies of the world (WHO & EMA) reporting that they won’t work and could even become counterproductive? Ritually silly. (See the end of this blog for announcements from WHO and EMA). 

Trade unions and socialist parties not trying to remove barriers to insecure workers self-isolating when symptomatic? Managerially silly. (Don’t understand? The whole planet has been dominated by misanthropic managerialist attitudes as I explained here when outlining a worker solidarity-based agenda on the pandemic). 

The world ignoring seroprevalence studies and experience in Africa? Imperially silly. (See my speech to an audience in Ghana for info). 

Parents allowing their kids to be injected for a disease that doesn’t affect them while some people are reporting evidence of short and long term adverse reactions? Tragically silly. 

The people in the environmental movement complaining about losing their own rights of protests, while welcoming the oppression of protesters they’ve been taught to despise by mass media? Hypocritically silly

The people reading this blog who are either digging in with outdated science due to their pride, or just sitting on the fence due to a fear of criticism? Timidly silly. 

But also quite silly are some of the conspiracy theories on the pandemic. Or at least they seemed to be when I wrote a ‘Positive Song’ in August  2021 during my 6th day of suffering from Covid. It is bizarre how many of those conspiracy theories became reality – or now at least have some substantive evidence for them.  

I am neither pro-vax nor anti-vax. That is also a silly binary. So I am not singing to camps of fools, but to critical, analytical and free thinkers everywhere. It has been painful to see people become so aggressive out of their confusion and desperation. When you don’t know whether to laugh or cry – try both. That’s why I wrote A Positive Song. Maybe it is a post-conspiracy song. Lyrics follow below the video. 

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Lyrics to a Positive Song

Why don’t I accept all the things that are so wrong

And just come here and sing a positive song?

A positive song x8

What if this is happening, it really is the worst?

Big tech feudalism and an ecofascist curse

There’ll be a big awakening that threatens all them first

So cyber crash and banking crash will be their final burst

Taken all together then if really that’s their worst

What have we to play with? Well it’s nature’s love of birth

I’ll meditate more, just needing a floor

I’ll help grow more food, forget online mood

Of the pious pricks on twitter who really know fuck all

Sorry. All together then

A positive song x8

I’ll call my mum more

Won’t mention their wars

I’ll be a nice dude

Forget online mood 

Of the propaganda wankers on my facebook online wall

Sorry. All together then

A positive song x8

What if this is happening, it really is the worst?

Well it doesn’t matter then, as we’ll end in a hearse. 

Back to the WHO and EMA – topic medical agencies within the mainstream of medical science. Here is info on why taking boosters means you would be silly by participating in a ritual of conformity with authority and technology rather than being informed by modern science to pursue public and personal health: “Repeat booster doses every four months could eventually weaken the immune system and tire out people, according to the European Medicines Agency.”  The World Health Organisation also announced on January 11th 2022 that “a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.” 

The WHO also said that asymptomatic transmission is insignificant to the progress of the pandemic – which undermines the orthodox pandemic agenda (all of it – from  lockdowns to masks and vaccination of the non vulnerable) – but that was sidelined due to managerialist ideology and the influence of Pharma and BigTech profit-seeking. 

In my speech to launch the XR international rebellion in April 2019 I said we mobilised to try to escape the destructive corporate domination of both our society and our consciousness and return to sanity and love. Let’s not lose that in a world gone silly. Given the mendacious tosh written about my currently unorthodox views on Covid – here is a link to my writings on it. Please read some of it before being silly in public. Or becoming an accidental eco-fascist. 

Although I make fun about it I know how stressful it can be on the receiving end of medical aggression due to personal views and choices about the pandemic. Therefore I recommend the Freedom To Care initiative.