Satish Kumar discusses Radical Love with Jem Bendell

Satish Kumar is an elder within the global environmental and peace movements. Founder of the Schumacher College and Resurgence Magazine, he has played a key role in shaping conversations about the roots of the environmental predicament. In a videoed conversation with Professor Jem Bendell, he discusses themes within his new book ‘Radical Love’ and makes connections to the ‘Deep Adaptation’ ethos and movement. Over 50 people joined the discussion and some ask questions towards the end.

Satish describes how humanity has fallen out of love with the world, which is the cause of so much destruction. Topics covered include how to stay open hearted when so much is being destroyed, how loving action does not need to expect to be successful, the role of idealism when realism has failed so badly for so long, the suppression of the divine feminine in culture and religion, and the importance of starting with self love.

Later the same day Satish appeared on Russell Brand’s rumble channel, and you can tune in to see him there about 43 minutes into the show.

This was the last planned Deep Adaptation Q&A hosted by Jem. The many previous conversations with leading thinkers such as Joanna Macy and Charles Eisenstein are available via the Deep Adaptation Q&A playlist. Future videos on the Jem Bendell YouTube channel will continue to cover similar topics, beginning May 2023.

To order the book Radical Love, visit Resurgence. To learn more about the Deep Adaptation idea and various communities that relate to the concept, visit the Forum. To receive a Quarterly update on such topics, subscribe to the free Deep Adaptation Quarterly. To receive a link to a free copy of Jem’s book Breaking Together, when it is released in May 2023, sign up to his blog. The 2021 book Deep Adaptation is also available.

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