Job Creation Without Austerity or Debt

In the face of financial crisis and mass unemployment, do you believe we have to choose between either austerity or debt-funded economic growth? Its a false choice, based on false assumptions. My video-keynote at a forthcoming conference in Denmark, explains how we can achieve job creation without austerity or more debt, by redesigning our monetary systems.

If you are near Denmark, go join the conversation at Rebuild21.

Want to learn more? Access more materials.

5 thoughts on “Job Creation Without Austerity or Debt”

  1. Hi, I’ve been researching about local currencies and monetary reform for the past one year or so. But thanks to this video, I wish to start a local currency around where i live. I want to know who would control the issue of a local currency, and how the currency can be issued. Thanks for the video, and I’m eagerly following this blog. Great work!

  2. I had clicked the box to be notified of follow-ups but then logged in via Twitter. I didn’t notice until right after clicking the “Post Comment” button that the checkbox was unchecked after logging in via Twitter. Please pardon my second comment posted solely so I could recheck that box.

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