Deep Adaptation Q&As in 2022

Hear from people who are responding to their anticipation or experience of societal disruption in fascinating ways – and ask them questions. These Q&A sessions are hosted by either Professor Jem Bendell or Katie Carr and feature questions from participants in the DA movement. They are free to attend and most are open to anyone. Videos of the Q&As are posted online afterwards and previous ones with guests including Joanna Macy and Charles Eisenstein can be viewed here. Further Q&As will be added to the programme in 2022 – stay up-to-date with the latest additions via the DA Leadership group.

Reverend Stephen G Wright – Interfaith minister and member of the Holding Group of the Deep Adaptation Forum. January 25th 2022

Join Katie Carr as Stephen discusses engaged spirituality, and the role of the mystic-completive in deep adaptation to societal collapse. Check details and book your place.

Scott Williams – a lead author of the key report of the UN Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) agency. January 31st 2022

National and international organisations of governance are not slowing the race towards societal breakdown. What role might they play? Hosted by Jem Bendell. Check details and book your place.

Zori Tomova – former coordinator of the Deep Adaptation Forum. February 26th (27th in some locations) 2022

What is the wisdom of play in times like these? Reconnecting with each other and nature was never more key. Hosted by Jem Bendell. Check details and book your place.

Dr Ye Tao – former Harvard Rowland Fellow and initiator of the MEER climate repair proposal. March 27th 2022

What climate repair is worth trying? More scientists say emissions cuts aren’t enough and we face imminent catastrophe unless altering climate. What are the options & challenges? Dr Yao in conversation with Professor Jem Bendell. Check details and book your place.

Kat Soares – Coordinator of the Deep Adaptation Forum. June 7th 2022

Is environmentalism helpful as we face disruption? Reflecting on the role of the environmental movement and professions and we face and experience societal disruption. Hosted by Jem Bendell. Check details and book your place.

3 thoughts on “Deep Adaptation Q&As in 2022”

  1. Good Morning Professor, I am part of the Deep Adaptation FB group, and am just learning to navigate my way through areas of support.  My young granddaughter has been struggling with what I believe is depression.  A bit about Molly: Molly is 15 years old, highly intelligent, well read, sensitive, and very much a realist for her age. A couple of years ago Molly began to withdraw. In the beginning it was in small ways, isolating herself more with her books, etc. In the past year Molly has become so withdrawn she won’t participate in family FaceTime or game playing, or any event that involves others outside her nuclear family. She has developed what I call tics and in many ways is barely recognizable to me. She is no longer in school (had been taking college courses online). Her parents (she has wonderful parents, highly educated, her papa is a tenured professor and the director of Project Censored and her mama supports that effort), took Molly to her healthcare provider for assessment. They were told Molly is highly intelligent, sensitive and troubled by the present state of world. When they asked what resources were available to help, they were given no options. Molly is currently being seen by a naturopath, as she does not wish to speak with a therapist, and so her parents are trying to approach/support her in a more wholistic way. I have linked my daughter to your documentary of Oskar.  So my question is, do you know of other groups or materials that I might pass along? I know for myself acknowledging the present state of affairs was a long, sad and  grief filled period. I suspect Molly is going through something likewise.   If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Deep Adaptation has been my salvation for the past couple of years. I so want to find an intelligent, age appropriate pathway for Molly. With deepest appreciation, Kate

  2. Hi Kate

    How to listen to and support children who are feeling the pain of our situation is a key issue that is occupying much attention at the Climate Psychology Alliance. I interviewed a specialist in this topic Caroline Hickman I recommend watching that as well as then reaching out to them. They responded very positively a few years ago when I asked if they could establish a counselling service for people engaging in the worst case scenarios of climate change.

    Within the DA context there is a Deep Adaptation Parenting group which will be able to crowd source some advice and support. I left the DA Forum in 2020 so I do not know what they do regarding children but if you post a question in one of the affiliated FB groups then someone will respond with the latest.

    I hope that helps a bit.


  3. Deep Adaptation and the two Collapse books (Pablo) were excellent. First became aware of this situation back in the day of Limits to Growth….. Boy are we where they predicted we would end up…certainly not what mainstream media would like us to believe where we are… Well…a new spiritual foundation will be needed to help the human race navigate through the collapsing planet’s biosphere and human civilization…twin peaks collapse. And one has been delivered from high powers, the highest… Over the past 40 yrs, close to 900 teachings have been sent…which do support the work of Jem B. these teachings have been sent in response to what is happening here on Earth and in response to a threat from beyond…. this type of threat destroyed the cultures and peoples of the native americans, they were caught off guard and paid a heavy price, now humanity as a whole finds itself in such a position….its dominance challenged now by a radically, declining natural environment and from intelligent alien races herenow seeking the resources of this world… yes, it is all true and a great challenge. Nature is merciless to the unprepared ones. -Paul

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